Wednesday, April 22, 2009

La Rumeur - French hip hop

La Rumeur has involved itself in political activism in the suburbs of France, calling for attention to be paid to the often-ignored Paris massacre of 1961, as well as to police abuse, including "accidental" killings of young French people. The band is critical of reformist NGOs such as SOS Racisme. Hamé wrote: "... through organizations such as SOS Racisme, created by the PS to contribute to the destruction of the Marche des beurs radicalism ; 'Equal rights' has become 'Equal chances to be admitted into nightclubs'. Justice for those assassinated by the police is overshadowed by massive slogans such as "Hands off my pal !" and "Long live miscegenation !"
Despite two court orders in their favor, they are currently targeted in a lawsuit by the French Minister of the Interior, related to an article written by Hamé
Considering themselves an "underground" or subversive group, La Rumeur has refused to adapt their lyrics for radio. They carefully select the media outlets with which they communicate, shunning the popular press, television, and radio. Concerts and word of mouth are their main means of promotion.

yep ripped off that off wiki, but been feeling these heads since there first 12 in 97. check em out

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  1. Amazing, completely entrancing, great flow.

    Just had a quick look for their lyrics, but can only find French sites, do you know any good links?