Friday, April 24, 2009

Bob Deep BBQ

Bob Deep BBQ.. Good to see Dancehall and Dubstep on the menu together... Hold tight Rob Spinfx on this one...

Performing artists

01pm-Sofi Fiya - First Floor(dancehall set)

3pm-dubstep soundclash, set times will be drawn from a hat... hosted by mc fraksha
Same-O - Too Much
The Shredder-Sub Bass
Affiks-Heavy Innit
Baron Von Rotten - Sub Bass
A13 - Heavy Innit

dnb finale
09pm-Cubist-Zombie/Advisory/3rd Angle/Blueprint/Wobble - mc cypher + mc wasp
10pm-Finna- Broken Beat Assault
11pm-Bonsai- Neuropunk - mc harzee
12pm-Hooves & JPS - B.S.E Recordings

lex and spinfx on the bbq

Bob Deep BBQ!
$10 wiv a free snag
saturday the 25th April
@ The Turf Club
1 Flemington Road
North Melbourne

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