Thursday, April 30, 2009


My girl SoFire and I are throwing this bash, strictly dancehall and dancehall inspired tunes. You might hear a lil bit of bashment or 80/90s dancehall, modern styles, jungle remixes and hip hop cross overs.
The vibes will be blazing and the dancefloor will be running hot.

This session we have:
-Tempa - a wicked Melburn based producer, and one of the founding djs of Pressure Drop.
-A special request, one time only clash between Jesse I (Chantdown Sound) & Troublemaker. Sweet hearts though they may be, I saw Troublemaker take the crown at Melbourne Shoot Out #3...and this girl is TUFF... can't wait for dis!
-The bad boyz from Renegade Sound will bring it to you heavy, all the way from NZ.
-Lewis Can Cut, a crazy dj across many sounds, is bringing a special dancehall set just for us!

Plus SoFire and I will mash it up lady ready for plenty of bass!!





well funny

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


"The May edition of the Heavy Innit mixes is in, this month mixed by Camo.
The last mix Camo did for Heavy Innit was well received with 500+ downloads, so i was stoked when we rang me to let me know he had another ready for us. A great mix full of dubstep, crunk, & grime. Enjoy!!!"
TheWiddler - PositiveVibes
DJG - Late Night Blues Bootleg
X-ZERO - Shotta Dub
Damian Marley - Zion Road Remix
Hardplace - colliebudz
DJG - Ghost Town Bootleg
Dread Foxx and Friends - No Coke.
Jaybird & Yong - Burning
Cotti ft. 2Nice - Worrior Chrge
Stagga - Can't Win The War
Bassnectar - Kingston Town remix
Norrisman - Big Long Gun (mrk1 remix)
Smut - Badman Place
Chimpo - Dancing Class
Kidnapper - Ragga Hard
the game feat lil wayne - my life (chimpo remix)
Bonecrusher - Never Scared (mrk1 remix)
Killer Mike - 2 Sides (chimpo remix)
Rick Ross - Hustlin (chimpo remix).
Ghetto - Commandments (prod. by Bigg Bliss)
Frisco - Back wid a bang (ft skepta and flowdan) (prod. by wiley)
Durrty Goodz - Upset me (prod. by demos)
Trimski - Full of shit (ft. clapper, little dee) (prod. by bless beats)
Wretch 32-ina di ghetto (ft. badness and ghetto) (prod. by maniac)
Badness - badman (prod. by mega (remix by dva))
Scorcher - Line up (prod. by wiley)
Joker's bday - Druken Barz
Fraksha & Affiks - Next Sound Level

pirate radio and 'dubstep' on neighbours

pure jokes. got aussie heads bummed out though.
dont think melb ever had a pirate radio. bwwwhaaaaaa

Monday, April 27, 2009

"First you got ______ at me bunnin' ____"

Back to back videos of two of my fav Giggs tracks. Bigger budget now so yes, they're as ridiculous as you would expect (check the second one, oh my god!), plus they're censored so it's fill in the blanks for much of the time. Enjoy.

R.I.P Esco/Slew Dem

The death of Esco from Slew Dem has attracted a lot of press because of the fame of his soccer playing brother. Sun article here. Don't know any details so won't go into them but here's a heavy set from 03 w/Kano, Titch, Sharky Major to remember him by. RIP ESCO

Friday, April 24, 2009


Heres a new link to the DJ NONAMES (Foreign Beggars) crazy mixtape. Don't miss out on this free download.

Bob Deep BBQ

Bob Deep BBQ.. Good to see Dancehall and Dubstep on the menu together... Hold tight Rob Spinfx on this one...

Performing artists

01pm-Sofi Fiya - First Floor(dancehall set)

3pm-dubstep soundclash, set times will be drawn from a hat... hosted by mc fraksha
Same-O - Too Much
The Shredder-Sub Bass
Affiks-Heavy Innit
Baron Von Rotten - Sub Bass
A13 - Heavy Innit

dnb finale
09pm-Cubist-Zombie/Advisory/3rd Angle/Blueprint/Wobble - mc cypher + mc wasp
10pm-Finna- Broken Beat Assault
11pm-Bonsai- Neuropunk - mc harzee
12pm-Hooves & JPS - B.S.E Recordings

lex and spinfx on the bbq

Bob Deep BBQ!
$10 wiv a free snag
saturday the 25th April
@ The Turf Club
1 Flemington Road
North Melbourne


Following Marcus Nasty's recco... I checked for this dude... I think he's doing some very interesting things.. Go make up your own mind.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kode 9 - Time Patrol

ya wanna see wot i see?

Mercston and Scorcher

Mercston goes in hard... "big like 08 Beijing"... sounds like he's been studying Ghetts.. but they're crew so i guess that's allowed.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

La Rumeur - French hip hop

La Rumeur has involved itself in political activism in the suburbs of France, calling for attention to be paid to the often-ignored Paris massacre of 1961, as well as to police abuse, including "accidental" killings of young French people. The band is critical of reformist NGOs such as SOS Racisme. Hamé wrote: "... through organizations such as SOS Racisme, created by the PS to contribute to the destruction of the Marche des beurs radicalism ; 'Equal rights' has become 'Equal chances to be admitted into nightclubs'. Justice for those assassinated by the police is overshadowed by massive slogans such as "Hands off my pal !" and "Long live miscegenation !"
Despite two court orders in their favor, they are currently targeted in a lawsuit by the French Minister of the Interior, related to an article written by Hamé
Considering themselves an "underground" or subversive group, La Rumeur has refused to adapt their lyrics for radio. They carefully select the media outlets with which they communicate, shunning the popular press, television, and radio. Concerts and word of mouth are their main means of promotion.

yep ripped off that off wiki, but been feeling these heads since there first 12 in 97. check em out


yo yo doing a little monthly show case of dubstep with guest you dont get to see that often.
first one up richard campbell, declan kelly and martin L
also mates ging going away shin dig
its free and ill be at the bar
the weekend never quits
ps can some tell wot the image size should be on blogs. fuck

Saturday 25th April

A dancehall party goin down in Melburn this weekend.


Don't miss this realness. Download here.

1.Vista- Dysekta (3.5 records) into Tes La Rok- Bass 31 (3.5 records)

2. Ed Strong (from IRS) - untitled (white) into Vista- Gameboy (3.5 records)

3. Frisco ft Chipmunk and Double S - Skengman Mode (Always recordings)

4. Benga- 26 basslines ft. Orifice Vulgatron and Kyza (Tempa)

5. Skream- Oscillator ft Metropolis (white)

6. Virus Syndicate - Infected (planet mu) w/ Dhruva & Sharmaji- koli stance (white)

7. Coti ft. Doctor- Calm Down (Minus 30 recordings)

8. Mala-Left Leg Out (DMZ)

9. Wiley prod. by rapid -Flyboy (Big Dada)

10. Ghetto prod. by Lewi White- Top 3 Selected (J Clarke enterprises)

11. Devlin prod. by Lewi White- Nothing New (white)

12. Coki - The End (DMZ) into JME - A little insight (Boy Better Know)

13. Durrty Doogz, prod. by Scratcha DVA - Keep Up (Axiom recordings)

14. Lofah - Disko Rekah (Deep Medi Musik)

15. Skepta, prod. by Plastician- Intensive Snare (Terrorhythm recordings)

16. Caspa- Rubber Chicken ft Abstract Rude (Tempa records)

17. Matty G - West coast rocks ‘Caspa rmx’ (Argon recordings)

18. Ghetto, prod. by Lewi White - Mountain (J Clarke enterprises)

19. Loudmouth - Suck Out (inst) into Loudmouth ft. Badness- Cut Out

20. Badness, D.E.velopment, Bruza, DJ Spiro and Terror Danjah – Hardcast rip

21. Planas and Ruckspin ft Virus Syndicate, Foreign Beggars and Dr. Syntax - Nature of It (Ranking records)

22. Thunderclaps ft. Orifice Vulgatron, Ghetto, Shameless and Deadly Hunta - Judgement day (Ejector Seat records)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Its Westwood's 1Xtra Ladies Night with - Ny, NoLay, Lady Chann, Lady Leshurr, Lioness, Princess Nyah & Alex Mills


Big Up to my boy Pav (Foreign Beggers) for this... Get in quick and download it.

Foreign Beggars’ DJ Nonames comes with a freshly pinched loaf of the new shit..
Composed in a way only a hip-hop dj with the credentials of Nonames can.
If you live in London and love rap music, you can’t ignore Grime.. With a unique production style that has taken from hip-hop, garage, dancehall and dub, it bears many similarities, (energy/bpm) to the now worldwide phenomenon- Dubstep, a fact demonstrated by the number of MCs spitting on the latest big Dubstep joints. Uniquely British, massive in clubs and parties all over the world, its the most exciting new sound that seems to have brought together dance music and hiphop in a way so many can appreciate.

On a lyrical level Grime MCs are killing it, with better and better content and flows, with a constant upping of levels.

I wanted to do a solidly put together mix, that in years to come will be seen as a reflection of Dubstep and Grime music in 2009.

download it free here! (link will self destruct in a few days so dont f*ck about too long):

or buy the actual real life ltd CD here:

' a rich, deep mix of hip-hop, grime and dubstep- a timely shot of the london underground in 2009, don't sleep' - HHC mag

'this briliant mix indicates disparate strands of homegrown street music are coming together in a formidable, unstoppable alliance' - Kmag


Rude Gyal

For all the rude gyals out there, Ce'cile is always representing for the ladies with appetite! This is an edited version (I couldn't find it raw) of her tune - Give It To Me, on the epic Coolie Dance riddim, one that is guaranteed to get the girls screaming on the dancefloor!

The 'adults only' tag seems kind of ironic considering this is one of her tamer songs, both in lyrics and visuals.


I don't know if its just my little laptop speakers, or the sound quality of the youtube clip, but when you hear the vinyl on a big system... BOOM!

Rudeboy Patrol

Dancehall getting dark and grindy...

Jammer 'burnin' as well


Coki - Burnin rmx w/ Wiley & Frisco

Why wasn't I made aware of this before?!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Goodz..

Durrty Goodz on Get Darker TV

Doogz passing thru Get Darker TV. Big

Friday, April 17, 2009

Beef at Eskimo Dance

Beef on track spills over to the stage.. Grim VS Tempz.. If I'm not wrong this will set the stage for some drama

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TOP CAT for those who don't know

Something different eh... Thought I'd give a small dedication to one of my all-time favorites, Top Cat. He's known for reggae and hiphop, but is probably best known for his contributions to the UK jungle scene, blessing Rebel MC's label, Congo Natty. Sorry, no music videos that i can find, just a couple of classics to keep those who don't know up to speed.
Turn up your speakers for this one:

And a bouncier version of the same thing, with a John Holt twist

Dubstep : Bristol - Living Inside the Speaker

"I made the film Living Inside the Speaker (The Bristol Dubstep Scene) with my mate mark a couple of years ago, I have now decided to put a divx version up for download for free at Hope you enjoy it. If you get a no download link delete the address so it looks exactly like or watch online at‏"

pon da DL

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baddaz Riddim

I can't find a video clip for this riddim but I can't get enough of it. Very similar to the massive Joy Ride Riddim from the mid 1990's, it has a big bouncy bass similar to dancehall tunes of that era. So many wicked cuts; Busy Signal, Shaggy, Elephant Man, Vybz Kartel...

Dutty Wine

Dancehall is all about the dance, and many songs have dance moves that accompany them. There are always new moves sweeping through, but the classics are never forgotten. Moves are often quite basic but dancers add their own flavour and embellishments.

Dutty wine is probably one of the better known dance moves, at least by name. When Tony Matterhorn's tune was released in July 2006, a Kingston newspaper - The Jamaica Star, published articles warning of the 'Dutty Wine Danger'. Check the many incarnations in this video and you'll understand why.


not that its a bad tune but it has been rinsed n its needs a break. please people stop playing it

Monday, April 13, 2009

Get Darker TV

This text will be replaced

Sunday, April 12, 2009

J2K Hood Video...

Hopefully it'll be a big year for J2K.

Grime Sin do it dnb

Mesh m18 and Titineboy of french crew Grime Sin show what they can do over drum n bass. Check out Mesh's myspace, can't say he's not versatile. Also see below for more from Titineboy.

Double S- Ina Di Ghetto Freestyle (NEW 09)

Double S shows how it's done, paying tribute to the Wretch 32 classic

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009


This is a bit of a mixed bag, some good verses, and Roachee kills it as usual. Bait hook tho, I ain't an autotune hater, it can sound crazy (see Munga) but it cant save a lame hook.


Roll Deep sounding rejuvenated and energized on this set. J2k showing why he's one of the greats.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Classics...Wretch 32 Ina di Ghetto

For some of our new viewers getting up to speed with the fast moving word of grime i'm gonna post some classics for 08 and earlier. First up is Wretch 32's banger Ina Di Ghetto, from his album Wretchrospective(08). Wretch has got a clothing line to peep it here.


big start for the easter weekend.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MC CHEPER repping france

MC Cheper proves he can murk it anywhere; in the booth, on road, on the phone, in a car, up in a tree, or on a camping trip. Also check the CCTV footage of him rapping in front of security cameras on a train station platform, a sick idea. I just stumbled across him and I'm trying to figure out what he's from, seems he's also known as TitineBoy and he's affiliated with Grime Sin, definitely a French crew to watch out for.


Frisco effortlessly kills this, top 5 mc for sure

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Here's a classic tune on the hip hop/dancehall mash up style, for all you bad bwoys out there.

Birthday Party Vibes

Ditto on the 'new to blogging ting', but excited all the same!

First thing any reggae/dancehall lovers need to know about is More Fire's Birthday Bash this Saturday...8 years people! That is a massive effort and if every other birthday is anything to go by, this will be huge! The party kicks on til 5am so I'll be heading down on my trusty steed, Daisy, after Heavy Innit if anyone wants to join me.

As well as residents Jesse I and Ras Crucial, get ready for burning sounds from the extended family – Damajah, Sista Itations, Andy Ites, Troublemaker, Bellyas, Night Nurse and Tony Bashment – plus special guest Paradox, straight outta Auckland! Also featuring nuff guest MCs, party treats and other surprises. Celebrating eight years of pure reggae and dancehall in one inity – more fire!!

More Fire 8th Birthday Bashment takes place on Saturday 11 April at Miss Libertine (34 Franklin St, city). Doors open at 10pm, with a cover of $10 or $8 for concession holders, PBS FM and SYN members.


hey guys, im pretty new to this whole blogging thing so ill be trying to keep ya up to date with wot ive been getting into, mainly dubstep but also wotever else im come across.
below some classic dubstep film clips. not many around but will find some more soon.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Westwood - Voltage & crew freestyle 1Xtra

Voltage + Nut Case, Macksta, Scruface & Realist, Voltage is biiiiig


Possibly the biggest grime tune of recent time's is Tempz with 'Next Hype'. Video coming soon, Tempz has been killing it of recent and here's a couple of 'Next Hype' remixes.
First up is Plasticians offering
and next up is Starkeys version which i remember him playing out last month (along with the original if my memory aint failing me) @ Laundry 'cos i remember going apeshit
Which one you prefer? Me i just dont think you can touch the original to be honest!


Showing scenes from Starkey last month, DUN KNO TV is coming soon. Don't miss Heavy Innit this Saturday.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


French DJ and producer Kesmo, look out for his 2007 mixtape Grimey Frogz featuring much unknown talent from France and some better-known British MCs

DOT ROTTEN producing and spitting..

Dot Rotten's album "RIP Young Dot" was the album with the most replay value from 08 and still gets regular play round my yard. If you have to produce, spit and mix to be considered in the King of Grime conversation (Skepta's hypothesis) then Dot's definitely got it in him to take the title.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Bit silly at times, but still checks in with some heavyweights. i loved Bristol when i was there, can't wait to hit it up again.


MAVADO sings over Rapid's TOP 3 SELECTED riddim made famous by GHETTO...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Joker in the mix..

Quality from BRISTOL's finest...

LOGAN SAMA radio rips..

For those that don't know, Logan Sama's monday night show on KISS 100 is required listening for grime heads and the best way to stay "up to di time". Some current tings worth a listen:

DIRTEE STANK takeover Dizzee Rascal, Newham Generals (Footsie and D Double E) and Smurfie Sycho

BIRMINGHAM takeover Badness, Dizzle Kid and Vader
(check this one... dizzle and vader are HEAVY)


Saturday April 11

The Laundry - 50 Johnston St Fitzroy

HEAVY INNIT!! present their first ever Easter weekend banger with two very special guests from the UK. Visionary producer/DJs Kromestar and Harmonic313 join us for our biggest party yet over two slammin levels on Saturday April 11 at The Laundry. Kromestar(Tempa/Deep Medi Musik) supplies a fat stack of reggae-inspired bassweight dubstep and soulful grime whilst Mark Pritchard AKA Harmonic313(Warp) promises heavy beat science with that trademark intergalactic retro/future flavour. 12 hours of dubstep, grime, future beats and next level hip-hop provided by some of the UKs finest; plus a bunch of switched-on locals including Simon Winkler(3RRR), A13, L-J(SubFM), AC23 ft. Fraksha, Affiks, Ms Butt, Thomas Kilroc and Baddums. Easter Sunday may never be this good again. Get ready.

Tickets $25+BF from Moshtix.Com.Au or $30 on the door.

Kromestar Mix for Rinse FM
ft. Kromestar, J5, Silkie and Quest

A video interview with Kromestar from

Kromestar & Hatcha mix for KissFM

Harmonic313 promo mix for his latest album ‘When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence’:


This thunder and lightening is fuuuuucked!!! Somone just called me asking if i was spitting bars or something, i was like 'nah bruv, i know i got that fire, but this is all natural' jokes!
Just thought i'd stop by, say hello for my first post on here, shouts to everyone supporting this, suck ya mum anyone else : ) safe.
I'll leave you with a heavy mix from my boy Loco with nuff bangers, enjoy.

WESTWOOD crib sessions w/GHETTS n more

BRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.. DOWNLOAD the AUDIO for this on the youtube page

Grime Comedy

Got some jokes off this. Good to see some grime mans not taking themselves too seriously.


Hold tight SAME-O with his new night at Brown Alley.
Melbourne's finest with be smashing it along side some heavy internationals. Come down and support Melbourne's latest dubstep night.

When BABYLON come around.....

Been rinsing this the last couple of days... I love a good dancehall dubstep refix, me


Thursday, April 2, 2009


Make sure you check here for all the Heavy Innit monthy mixes and ting....

Kromestar Mix Rinse Download

Kromestar in the mix on rinse FM. Heavy.

Harmonic 313/Phat Kat

Harmonic 313 providing a rich backdrop for these two underground favorites. Harmonic will be bringing his future beat science to Heavy Innit on April 11@ Laundry, Melbourne.

Kromestar/Sat 11 April Heavy Innit

Heres a likkle taste of what to expect from Kromestar. Refixing the Barrington Levy classic. Make sure you head down Heavy Innit Saturday April 11 for the real thing. brrrpppp

Heavy Innit!!!

Make sure you come down to the Heavy Innit Easter special. Last month with Starkey was the best night so far this year... This one gwaaan be huge, so put on your skanking shoes and head down.

Logan Sama show: Tempz, JME, Skepta

Its a Boy Better Slew ting. Tempz is a character

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Logan Sama show: Newham Generals

Dirtee Stank ting. "Generally Speaking" out soon. D Double is a grime icon, if you are new to the genre go check him out.
"its mooooie moooooooie!!"