Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Starkey feat Badness!

Heavy tune by Philly producer Starkey, featuring Birmingham badman Badness..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hektagon - Promo mix

Heavy set from Hektagon to promote his new album entitled London, a tribute the spaniard's adopted city, coming soon on the Freakz of Nature label.

1. Rhythm & Sound w Cornel Campbell _ King in my empire (extract)
2. Rob Sparx _ Blood Bath (Z-Audio) 1:02
3. Act Raiser _ Sreten (Dub) 4:13
4. Hektagon _ Running Through –Elemental Remix (Audio Phreaks) Vs General Levy _ New 5. Dimension (Original Music) 6:03
6. 16 Bit _ Jump (Southside Dub Stars) 8:06
7. Hektagon _ Nightlife_ London Album (Freaks of Nature) 10:24
8. Major Lazer _Hold the Livestens_Vibromaster remix (Cult Dub Records) 13:08
9. Mode _ Workaholic (Dark Circles Recs) 15:12
10. Hektagon _ One Way or Another (Dub) 17:01
11. Shully _ Living (Urban Graffiti) 19:19
12. Hektagon _ The Old Days_ London Album (Freaks of Nature) 21:49
13. Switch Dubs _ Wagamama (Code of Arms Records) 24:00
14. Hektagon _ Underground (Dub) 27:10
15. Hektagon _ Strange Voices (Audio Phreaks) 29:00
16. Hektagon _ Tokyo_ London Album (Freaks of Nature) 31:05
17. Stay Put _Fahrenheit (Cult Dub records) 33:22
18. Hektagon _ 1,2,3,4 (Dub) 35:10
19. Rhythm & Sound w Cornel Campbell _ King in my empire (Burial Mix Records) 37:29

Download here

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Various Production feat. Pumajaw - Buds (remix)

Discovered this gem on the new mixtape from Matt Shadetek and DJ Rupture, who are the production team behind Jahdan Blakkamore (for more on that seach below). Make sure your speakers are on for this, Various has built some serious head-nod appeal right here and coupled with Pumajaw's haunting vocals, they've created a monster.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

This riddim makes me want to start raving in my living room

"Jackman's Rec" by Sully, or How To Make A Classic 101

Cop this here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wu Tang Meets Indie Culture Vol. 2 - ENTER THE DUBSTEP

Stumbled across this by accident, it's apparently set for release November 10. Click here and scroll down for previews, I'm listening as I write and oh man is it heavy.
Press release:
“As Vol. 1 sought to introduce hip-hop fans in general, and specifically, the famously large, loyal and diverse fan-base of the Wu-Tang to the burgeoning world of underground hip-hop, so Vol. 2 seeks to expose another untapped resource of underground talent, skill and artistry to this very same avid and intrepid fan-base.

The project serves a double purpose as well: many of the pioneers and practitioners (DJ’s and producers) in the Dubstep world came up in a time when Wu-Tang ruled the international airwaves. Unlike much commercial hip-hop, the immediacy of Wu-Tang’s sound spoke to many outside of the scope of the typical hip-hop fan, across oceans and at home. Their music and style helped to shape an emerging artform that hadn’t yet defined itself. Now, in 2009, as dubstep continues to grow, expand and encompass more styles and subgenres, the Wu-Tang sound is reintroduced into the mix, to spawn a new and unique musical crossbreeding, that is greater than the sum of its constituent parts.

This groundbreaking album is trail-blazing the collaboration between Dubstep and Hip-Hop, with stomach-pounding, bass-thumping guttural beats, and gully, gritty and grimy lyrics that break into the next decade in the chapters of each respective genre’s history.”