Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Big Up to my boy Pav (Foreign Beggers) for this... Get in quick and download it.

Foreign Beggars’ DJ Nonames comes with a freshly pinched loaf of the new shit..
Composed in a way only a hip-hop dj with the credentials of Nonames can.
If you live in London and love rap music, you can’t ignore Grime.. With a unique production style that has taken from hip-hop, garage, dancehall and dub, it bears many similarities, (energy/bpm) to the now worldwide phenomenon- Dubstep, a fact demonstrated by the number of MCs spitting on the latest big Dubstep joints. Uniquely British, massive in clubs and parties all over the world, its the most exciting new sound that seems to have brought together dance music and hiphop in a way so many can appreciate.

On a lyrical level Grime MCs are killing it, with better and better content and flows, with a constant upping of levels.

I wanted to do a solidly put together mix, that in years to come will be seen as a reflection of Dubstep and Grime music in 2009.

download it free here! (link will self destruct in a few days so dont f*ck about too long):

or buy the actual real life ltd CD here:

' a rich, deep mix of hip-hop, grime and dubstep- a timely shot of the london underground in 2009, don't sleep' - HHC mag

'this briliant mix indicates disparate strands of homegrown street music are coming together in a formidable, unstoppable alliance' - Kmag

www.myspace.com/foreignbeggars and

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