Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Love Dancehall #5

Only one more sleep!! My toes are tingling, my booty cant wait to be wiggling and my belly is set for giggling!! We've got a wicked lineup for you so get your fine selves down there early!

-There's the one off dancehall set from the hip hop maestro MEXI,
-The eagerly anticipated mash up between ANDY ITES and RAS CRUCIAL. Big bad bass man sounds!
-SoFIRE and I will whip it up lady style, with guest mcs MARS.E.PAN and KRAZY DAYV,
-TWIST is the man with the newest tunes in town. Look forward to the freshest digital dancehall and seeerious bashment.
-The lovely ladies of HOUSEWIFE'S CHOICE (aka Fee and Bellyas) will close out the night with pure reggae vibes, from around the world and ages.

Cu pon di dancefloor!!

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