Saturday, July 18, 2009

Aquatic Lab Album

Aquatic Lab Sessions Vol 1

Aquatic Lab Sessions Vol 1 is a diverse package consisting of a selection of Aquatic Lab’s vinyl catalogue combined with previously unreleased material.

The compilation is constructed to be a collection of flowing styles, capturing everything from deep atmospheric textures to some serious sub rocking big rig material. The CD album features debut Aquatic Lab release by Caspa & Rusko ‘King George’,’ Colditz’ by UK Garage legend Zed Bias, ‘Nah Go Dung Deh’ by grime/dubstep star Cotti and ‘The Darkness’ & ‘Dark Passenger’ by acclaimed producer Seven.

First up is a chilling future-scape progression titled ‘Ankoku Butoh’ by Moving Ninja; an organic journey that is unique in every possible way. Further on, the album showcases a wealth of underground sounds from the purist hard stepper ‘Wasps’ by P-Vans, to the dub inspired rhythmic 2-Step roller ‘Hollandia’, produced by Spherix. New York based Australian producer Flash brings forth a hollowed out 4/4 dread bass long player in the form of ‘Right Here’ and Kila Mega Giga Tera, a live group consisting of Distro & Dub FX, deliver a kick-stepping, hard skanking piece of kit entitled ‘Subsonic’. Vista comes with a sub shaking hybrid of moody minimalism in the shape of Neptune, and to round off the installment, bass scientist Twitch culminates the release with an original piece of wobble bass that is brimming with character and primed for the dance floor.

Listen to Aquatic Lab Session Vol 1 clips on

1. Moving Ninja - Ankoku Butoh
2. Flash - Right Here
3. Vista - Neptune
4. Spherix - Hollandia
5. Zed Bias - Colditz
6. P-Vans - Wasps
7. Seven - The Darkness
8. Cotti - Nah Go Dung Deh
9. Seven - Dark Passenger
10. Kila Mega Giga Tera - Subsonic
11. Caspa & Rusko - King George
12. Twitch - Kamosis

Limited Edition Triple Vinyl

Disc 1
Flash - Right Here
Vista – Neptune
Disc 2
Spherix - Hollandia
P-Vans - Wasps
Disc 3
Kila Mega Giga Tera- Subsonic
Twitch - Kamosis

Copies can be pre-ordered at most online stores and the release date is set for July 27th.

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